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The orange cape makes me think the carabao is trying to pass for a superhero :)


Very brave children, the colors are precious.


I love the second shot, brave kids. What is that thing in there bottom left, clone it out :)



Great series of photos! I love fiestas :)


A really entertaining series, again. The power of people to have fun never ceases to amaze!


Lots to see in both these photos, gives a good impression too of the crowd, and the carabaos are pretty close to the public all the time, they must be very obedient and tame.
Another series : you make me curious, what to expect this time :-)


That was quite an educational series. I look forward to the next one!


Hey, love the one of the kids riding the animal. I really enjoyed this series!

Ashwathy Nair

Orange suits the carabao ;-)

Stardog Champion

What a great series Sidney. This is a great way to end it too. Love the bright colours in these shots. The kids in the second one look so cute too.


it's already september.. are there still any fiestas in the philippines? :)


...and the carabaos dress for the party too.

Seeing Anew

Nice to visit your blog always makes me happy to see the colorful festivals you cover. I just wish there were some way to transmit the sounds and smells of these festivals -- but your pictures do a good job of suggesting the distinctive sounds and pungent smells.


I like the red costume (or is it orange?) on the carabao.

Mike Dougan

Lovelly colours here Sydney.


Great series (as usual), Sidney. Very Pinoy! Your pics even bring back fond memories of my childhood in the province. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos.


Well done on another successful series. GOSH! What will you throw at us next....

charles ravndal

OMG! The orange is so striking.


A colorful shot again! I'am curious to see your next series...:-)

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